• An individually designed training program offers you the daily dose of bodyfulness, mindfulness and wellbeing – just for you. In a first meeting we discuss together what you want to achieve, what kind of pain or discomfort you want to stop and how you will get there.


    You get daily or weekly exercises (coordinated with your schedule) to gain more body-awareness, to strengthen your body and rise the level of energy and ability to relax in your daily life to gain more quality of life. In addition to your weekly process you receive with this training program your individual coaching that offers an intense learning experience that supports you to reach your goals successfully.

  • What you will gain

     I will lead you through your Training Program with joy, love, humor and a big portion of empathy.

    Your goals can be:

    • to change recurring pain and release tension
    • to digest a traumatic experience and gain back power for your life now
    • to deal with pain, anger and fear in an empowering way
    • to change the relationship to yourself and the ones you love