• Body-Mindfulness Coaching offers you a life-changing experience you will never forget

    Body-Mindfulness Coaching helps you in a situation where you are stuck, feel lost or tense. It shows you different ways of perspective or of approaching a situation from another angle and gives you space to feel your inner strength. My work is based on the body and you learn through the body.
    You learn to perceive the blockades that prevent you from living the life you want - both in a physical, emotional and psychological way. You become aware that these blockades are habitual patterns of behaviour. This new consciousness enables you to release them and thereby you become free to decide freely and conduct your own life.

    Life does not happen anymore to you - you rather create it according to your wishes.


    You want to create your life actively instead of reacting to external circumstances?

    Then contact me for a first trial session. I take time for you and for what you want.

  • What happens in a session?

    Every process starts with a session where we meet for a first talk and body-based coaching. In this meeting we clarify the changes you want in your life, the situations that strain you, and how this stress is expressed physically and mentally.

    With trained attention to you and an holistic approach I recognize tension in your body and where the flow of energy is stopped. I teach you to realize mechanisms that happen subconsciously and to notice them with attention and clarity. These can be behavioral patterns, a certain repetitive mood or atmosphere, limiting believes or tension and pain.

    From the very first moment you learn to experience these automatic patterns with your whole attention as well as how to stop them. You develop a higher level of awareness of your breathing and your body and you gain more freedom. The perception of yourself, your life and the limitation you experienced will change intensly and sustainably.

    In body-based coaching it’s all about experience and learning with and through your body. It offers you a profound and transforming experience that enters deeply into your body.

  • Body-Mindfulness Coaching helps you if you are looking for:

    •  to release tension and be more at ease with your life
    •  to learn a different approach to pain (to stop the suffering)
    •  to use negatively tainted feelings like fear, pain and anger as a powerful source of energy
    •  to learn to make decisions with confidence and clarity
    •  to move from limiting self-images to self-confidence
    •  to develop a healthy body-awareness and to have more wellbeing
    •  to improve the relationships in your life


    Still unsure if Somatic Coaching is the right way for you?

    Click here to read some experiences of my clients.

  • "When I first went to Christina, I was having intense emotional pain and with that body aches. I was eating and smoking to cope with the pain. After only a month and a half, I gained so much energy, my pain left my body, and I felt more in touch with the way my body speaks. I could let go of my bad habits and now I feel much lighter in my being." Talia, Artist