• What is Somatic Coaching?

    In my work I direct all of my attention to your body. Why the body? Because we are body – but often enough we forget about that. In our society and generally in this world we have learnt to live and act according to our mind. Maybe you know this experience to operate in life by remote control, ticking off your to do’s, analyzing and thinking through every might’s and maybe’s, and never finding a satisfying solution? The sensation of being stressed out, feeling lonely although having a lot of friends and family is familiar to you? You miss light-heartedness in your life?

    This experience and sensation is often created when we don’t live congruently with ourselves and our bodies. Our body is filled with immeasurable wisdom and intelligence – more than our brain can grasp. When we lose the connection and access to our body we also cut ourselves off this wisdom. My vision is to guide you back again to this connection with all experiences that lie within and happen in the moment.

    Our body knows exactly how to deal with difficult or challenging situations as well as how to heal and what is needed or not needed in a specific moment. The more we learn to listen to and follow our body the more wellbeing and health we gain.